Quantum Village is a not for profit group working in the critical intersection between quantum technologies + cybersecurity.  

We are also the official Quantum Village @ DEF CON.

QV's mission is to help people to engage with quantum technologies and discover what they are really about. We create a space to discuss and drive discourse on the future of quantum technologies; what they mean for the broader tech space, culture, and society. We bring forward critical themes therein such as privacy, identity, authorisation, etc. by hosting talks and Union style debates. We formulated the World's First Quantum Capture the Flag competition, and provided access to Quantum Computers/Devices and hands-on approaches: currently we are developing our Very Own Open Source Embedded Quantum Simulator. 

QV's existing Partners/Sponsors are: SandboxAG, Quintessence Labs, Quantinuum, and Oxford Quantum Circuits. 

We are excited to partner and work with quantum computing firms looking to open up the space and dialogue.